Things to Avoid for a Problem-free Septic System

Septic Tank

You may be abusing your property’s septic system without knowing. Without adequate maintenance, your septic system can develop problems that affect your comfort. Septic repairs also come with high costs, but you can avoid this through careful routine practices. You should also note that the materials you put through your drain pipes can be potentially dangerous for your septic system. Maintenance may seem like a hassle, but here are some reasons it is worth your time and resources;

  • Your septic system is a vital element to your comfort, and neglecting it may cause nasty sewage smells and overflowing septic and toilets.
  • It is financially tasking to replace a damaged septic system as a new installation or repairs can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Overflowing septics are a potential biohazard. Bacteria can get into your home, leading to health problems, or flow into connected waterways, causing harm to the environment

How to avoid problems with your Septic System

Taking the following precautions will help ensure that you do not encounter any major problems with your septic system

  1. Items that do not easily break down should not go down your drains or toilet. This includes cigarette butts, any paper asides from toilet paper, sanitary products, and other materials that do not disintegrate by design. Not only will this clog drain pipes, but it will also eventually cause your septic tank to overflow. Only liquids should go down the drains, which does not include spirits, chemicals, or medicines.
  2. Avoid letting grease and fats down your drains, as your septic tank cannot absorb them. As such, they will float on the surface and cause a film. This prevents your septic tank from working to hold waste properly. It also interferes with the soil bacteria that break and treat wastewater, causing spillage and absorption problems.
  3. Trying to use chemicals and cleaning agents that contain phosphate can cause even more significant problems with your septic tank. These materials kill the bacteria that act on sewage and convert it to wastewater. The absence of this bacteria will make untreated sewage clog your pipes, leaving off an unbearable smell and plumbing problems. Rather than use harsh solvents or bleach, it is best to opt for cleaning products designed for septic tanks specifically.
  4. Your septic system is located below ground but not far into the soil. Avoid driving over or storing heavy objects around your septic system ( that is, the main tank and dispersal pipes). Doing this causes the soil to compact from the heavy pressure, which also can cause the pipes to break. In either case, wastewater will not be easily dispersed, leading to an overflow.

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