How Do I Hide My Septic Tank?

Septic Tank

Septic tanks are not exactly the most flattering home feature, and it is expected that you do not want them standing out in your yard and messing up the appeal. Nobody wants it to draw attention to kids or guests, and fortunately, there are ways to hide it. 

If you are yet to install a septic system, do talk to your contractor about building the tank far from your structure and concealing the cover as much as possible. 

Here’s how to make your septic tank blend in with the rest of your lawn area:

  • As an alternative to the standard use of fiberglass and concrete for the lid of septic tanks, consider using risers. They raise the surface of your septic tank and make it easier to find when you need repairs or maintenance. We recommend using glass-reinforced ones from Infiltrator, as they are durable and eliminate worries about slipping septic tank covers. They can be attached with stainless steel screws to make them inaccessible. 
  • You can use lightweight artificial rock on the lid of your septic tank. It is a great way to beautify and helps you easily locate your septic tank. You can make it colorful or whimsical; just ensure it is lightweight. This is necessary as you will need to move it around for maintenance or repairs.
  • You can also use lawn ornaments like potted plants, statues, and such to cover your septic tank lid. Potted plants are great as they will not interfere with your pipes and other fragile parts of your septic system. 
  • Another creative and aesthetically pleasing idea is using wine barrels to cover your septic tank lid. All you need to do is cut a wine barrel in half and add flowers to it, much like a big wooden planter. 

Other Vital Things to Note in Setting Up Your Septic Tank 

Some things do not go well with septic systems. 

To ensure you have a problem-free septic system, keep note of the following: 

  • Trees are great, but they are a major cause of septic system problems. Their roots can break into your system and cause extensive damage. Getting rid of these root intrusion problems comes with a high cost, and this is why you should ensure trees are planted far away from both the septic tank and drain field. 
  • If you have a vegetable garden, ensure it is far away from your septic tank. Your fruits and vegetables can easily get contaminated due to the sewage in the area. 
  • You can grow grass around your septic system, but never above the lid. This is because it makes servicing your septic a bigger hassle, as you must dig it out every time you need maintenance or repair. 
  • Before carrying out any additional fencing, please consult your septic contractor. Your septic system may be compromised by digging or staking activities. 

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