Why Chemical Drain Cleaners are Bad For Your Home


If you have a slow-moving drain, chemical drain cleaners may seem like a great option to clear the pipes. They may even be the only accessible option at hand and may seem like a convenient choice, but you should know that the chemicals in them are harmful to your home, your plumbing system, and your health.

We understand that a clogged drain is quite an emergency. Applying a chemical drain cleaner may seem like a quick fix, but it is temporary and more disadvantageous than helpful. After a while, you will most likely be faced with the same issue, as drain problems are usually an indicator of something bigger.

The problem is that these store-bought chemical drain cleaners are packed with dangerous chemicals and are highly toxic to the extent of causing severe damage to your home. Most drain chemical cleaners promising an instant fix are made up of powerful chemicals like lye, alkalines, sodium hydroxide, and sodium hypochlorite. They will corrode all of the metal in your plumbing system if they are not used correctly. Not all drain cleaners will do this, so ensure you read the label before buying any products to help your plumbing.

To prevent unnecessary expense and a far bigger problem than a clogged drain, reach out to a qualified plumbing professional to take a look at the situation and recommend the best line of action.

Reasons to Not Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

It Ruins Your Plumbing

Your property’s plumbing is a delicate system that requires precision to function correctly. Plumbing pipes are made from a combination of materials that need specific temperatures to work as planned. When you use chemical drain cleaners, you put your pipes in a precarious position. Often, the high temperatures required to unclog your drain melt or break apart your piping and throw off the temperature balance of your plumbing. Chemical drain cleaners will also corrode your pipes over time and cause dangerous damage that may not be immediately apparent.

It can be harmful to health

If you have children or members of your household who are already at risk from airborne irritants, it is best not to buy and store chemical drain cleaners in your home. The health and environmental dangers of chemical drain cleaners are pretty significant. They can pollute the air and water and, if swallowed, can burn the skin or cause serious internal harm.

The toxicity of the chemicals in these drain cleaners can cause the development of allergies and asthma, particularly in children. Generally, exposure to these is not advised, and continuous use of these chemicals will prove to be hazardous to health.

Also, using these chemicals may lead to contamination of your water supply. The fatal effects of this on health are enough reasons not to use them.

When drain clogs occur, it is best to contact the experts to sort them out. However, you may sometimes need a quick fix on short notice. In such cases, as chemical drain cleaners damage pipes and water supply, it is preferable to use non-toxic alternatives before your plumber can fix the problem. Baking soda or hot water can be a quick fix for unclogging drains with minor clogs. It does not harm the pipes or your plumbing system

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