Things That Should Never Go Down Your Drain

Plumbing, Septic Tank

Septic clogs can be a real problem for your septic system. Your property’s septic system is basically the drainage system that allows waste to be removed from your home. 

If you have a septic tank, it is best to remember that certain things have no place going down your drain and pipes. Clogs happen when inappropriate material goes down your drain or waste blocks a system. While it can be caused by several things aside from this, improper waste disposal is the primary cause of these clogs. 

This article highlights tips for preventing such clogs and the common mistakes you might be making in letting certain things go down your drain 

Why You Should Not Put Just Anything Down Your Drain Pipes 

Your septic system depends on bacteria to break down all that goes into it. This means that anything that isn’t degradable does not belong in your toilet. As bacteria cannot break down inorganic materials, it means that you are sending a solid mass with the potential to be a heavy clog down your drain. This will stay in the tank and continue to pile up with these habits. This adds to the solid sludge layer at the bottom of the tank leading to a septic emergency. Continually doing this will mean you have to pump out your tank more often than usual, and the costs for this are pretty high.

The best preventive measure you can take to avoid septic clogs all year round is to ensure that all of these under-listed substances are disposed of properly so that they do not end up flowing into the septic system, causing problems later down the road. 

Paper Towels 

Paper towels cannot be flushed because they are not as soft and do not degrade when wet as toilet paper. When flushed down the toilet, they can clump together and clog the pipes.

Baby wipes 

Baby wipes should not go down your drain. It is one of those products that are labeled “flushable” but should not be flushed down the toilet. 

Menstrual products 

Tampons and other menstrual products are not flushable as it is in their design to absorb water. Because disposable menstrual products are not biodegradable, flushing them down the toilet harms the environment. 


Nappies don’t belong in the toilet either because their primary function is to trap liquid, which means they will not break down if flushed. Instead, they absorb water, making them become lodged in the plumbing system, resulting in clogged pipes.


Flushing chemicals down the toilet is hazardous as it may go into the groundwater and then into waterways. This endangers wildlife, people, and the environment. 

Asides from this, chemicals also corrode and damage your plumbing system. Harsh chemicals, including supposed drain clog fixers, paints, lubricants, insecticides, and such, should not go down your plumbing system. 

Cooking oil 

You shouldn’t flush oil and grease down your drains as they solidify when they cool, lodging and clogging your pipes. Instead, dispose of them in the trash. 

In addition to the above, things like sponges, dental floss, cotton balls, pads, condoms, and hair do not belong in your pipes. This is because they do not break down and will likely build up and result in a plumbing emergency or worse. 

At Countryside Plumbing, Sewer and Septic, we encourage our clients not to put anything out of order in their drains and pipes. We believe that with routine inspections and timely interventions, we can save you time and money. Contact us here for assistance.