Septic Installation

We are both an Illinois Licensed Plumber and Lake County licensed septic installer, bonded and insured. Being a plumber and septic contractor allows us to fully assess your home and provide a septic system that will work.

Septic License 049-801-550

Full Service Septic Installation

We offer a full service septic replacement or new installation. Not only are we professional installers, we also offer soil testing, septic system design, and full sets of septic plans that we submit to the health department and county on your behalf.

We offer:

  • Septic tank installation
  • Septic tank replacement
  • Septic field installation
  • Septic field replacement
  • Class 1 Aerobic Septic Systems
  • Soil testing, design, and septic plans

Let’s Follow the Flush

After you flush or use any house water, the sewage leaves the house through your main line. If it doesn’t go into a sewer, the waste will go into a septic tank. Inside the septic tank, solids sink to the bottom while fats, oils, detergents, grease, and soaps float to the top. Over time the bacteria in the septic tank break down the sewage into black/grey water.

The water then leaves the septic tank via gravity/displacement and will enter into the septic field or lift station where it is then pumped into the septic field. The septic field is a series of pipes with holes in them that slowly allow effluent (partially treated sewage) to trickle out into the earth. Typically gravel is used to allow the effluent to flow out of the pipes without being clogged by dirt.

The dirt then further breaks down the effluent into clean water, which grows grass, trees, or crops which you eat, and then start the process all over again with a flush.

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