Septic Repair

We are both an Illinois Licensed Plumber and Lake County licensed septic installer, bonded and insured. Being a plumber and septic contractor allows us to fully assess your home and provide a septic repair that will work.

Full Service Septic Repair

We offer a full service septic replacement or new installation. Not only are we professional installers, we also offer soil testing, septic system design, and full sets of septic plans that we submit to the health department and county on your behalf.

We offer:

  • Septic tank replacement
  • Aerobic System Maintenance
  • Aerobic System Septic Inspections
  • Lift Pump Replacement
  • Air Pump Maintenance
  • Air Pump Replacement
  • Distribution Box Replacement

Septic System Failure Indications and Causes

Septic system failures are indicated by the following:

  • Frequent septic system pumping
  • Visible standing water in your lawn
  • Toilet or sewage backups
  • Smells of sewage or black water
  • Complaints from neighbors

The most frequent cause of failure is age. Septic tanks older than 1990 often crack due to frost action, weakness, ground water and age. Ground water then enters the tank, overloading the system and causing a back up. Overuse of an undersized system is another frequent cause of system failure. Replacing the tank with one that is sized properly for your home and water consumption is mandatory.

Often ground water is piped into the septic system via a sump pump or a failed sewage ejector pit. When the sewage ejector pit fails, ground water enters the pit and is pumped into the tank overloading the system.

Water softeners and garbage disposals also cause a lot of problems for septic systems.

Things That Help

  • If you notice a problem, don’t ignore it
  • Camera inspection and field inspection
  • Fixing broken piping and distribution boxes
  • Replacing the field or adding a line
  • Replacing the tank or installing a class 1 aerobic unit

We do not offer septic field hydrojetting or terra lift procedures. These “repairs” are considered to be ineffective short term solutions.

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