Aerobic Inspection

Easy Aerobic Maintenance and Compliance

Most septic systems in Lake County, Illinois designed and installed after 1990 contain an Aerobic Treatment Unit.

Aerobic Treatment Units are extremely efficient at turning sewage into nearly clear water. They do this by injecting air into the septic system and allow beneficial aerobic bacterial to flourish.

Lake County requires its residents to have a Licensed Septic Installer inspect Aerobic treatment units two times a year to ensure they are healthy and operating as they should.

During those inspections Countryside Plumbing Sewer and Septic will evaluate the system, make sure it is healthy, clean both the effluent filter in the septic tank, and the air filter in the air pump housing. We will also replace the air filter, and in tank diffuser as required. We also file all the necessary inspection paperwork with the Lake County Health Department.

We offer:

  • 2 inspections per year
  • Filters cleaned and Maintained
  • System Evaluated
  • Paperwork Filed with Lake County
  • Auto renewable contract via Docusign
  • Easy Billing and Payment

Systems we service:
Clearstream, JET, Singulair, Syber-Aer, Delta Whitewater, Nyadic, Multi-flo, Aqua Safe, Aquaklear, Ez-Treat, Aqua Aire, Fuji Clean, Hydro Action, Norweco, Hiblow, Thomas, Fuji, Gast, Liberty Pumps, Zoeller Pumps, SJE-Rhombus, SPI BIO, and More

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